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Business web applications
Database RAD for query and web applications
Js framework for business applications
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PJbase© : office - web - cloud

Expand your office data and development to the internet and build your online database


Collection of Javascript desktop-like interactive objects

Company profile
ALPJ is specialized in rapid development of business web applications over extranet and intranet.

Our unique web framework is market leader for speed of development and quality of interface.

We allow enterprises to reach every present and future user with a browser, enwiding their business processes at decreasing costs.
Our customers are:
  • public or big companies offering extranet services
  • B2C businesses with big data volumes
  • industry or service SME implementing extensions of their ERPs
  • Rapid prototiping

Our RAD (Rapid Application Development) is a union of two components
  • our libraries and tool, in part available as opensource software
  • the tailored development on customer needs
Visit our showroom and projects book for some example of customized solutions, or dedicated sites of our SW libraries and tools
Facebook: ALPJ has now a fan page [2013 - June]
Sourceforge: ALPJ has a new project page (registered in 2004) [2013 - May]
Youtube: first demo video published [2013 - May]
LinkedIn: ALPJ has now a company page [2013 - April]
Survey: big success for our survey about the use of business data in collaboration with Liber Liber onlus, promoting free culture over the web (results are available here)[2013 - April]
PJbase & PJdoc: first release of the look and features preview [2013 - March]
PJDocument: first Beta release of PJdocument with examples is published on the site [2012 - June]
New site: new look and new contents for the company site [2012 - June]
ALPJ s.r.l. - societÓ unipersonale - via G. Bassetti 7, 38123 Trento (TN) - P.I. 01891130229 - Cap. soc. i.v. Euro 10.000. PJbase© and PJdoc© are copyrights of ALPJ s.r.l.
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